Puppy Visits


Paws On offer home visits for new puppies


Our puppy visits are aimed at pets whose owners have to go to work and leave their precious pup at home. As we all know, no matter how cute a puppy is, it will probably still make a mess, and of course will miss us while we're gone. That's why we offer daily visits for young pups who aren't quite ready to go out on the big girls/boys walks.


Our puppy home visits last approximately 30 minutes. During these visits we will clean up any messes, provide food and water for your pup and let your puppy outside to toilet. We will also have a play/cuddle with your pup to make sure it gets some company while you are away.


When your puppy is old enough, they will be able to join our group walks and will have lots of fuzzy friends to play with!


For more information please contact us.



At Paws On, we understand that you and your pet may have other requirements. Should you have any specific requirements for your pet, please get in touch and we will be happy to try to accommodate these.

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