About Paws On


Hi there.


My name is Lynn, and I run Paws On: Glasgow’s professional and friendly pet care service.

My background is mainly in animal biology.  I have studied animal biology, behaviour and nutrition for rather a long time, studying zoology and animal behaviour for 5 years, animal behaviour for a further year, and then doing ecological research for a year.  After this I worked in a zoo researching wild animal nutrition for a year, where I gained a vast knowledge of the subject, and which started my interest in domestic animal nutrition.  Since then I have worked in various organisation doing research on animal behaviour and ecology. 


Although I learned a lot about animal biology, behaviour and nutrition during my time as a student, and then working in research, I always felt that I was missing out when I wasn't working with animals.  Working in labs and at the computer is not as enjoyable as I’d like; I love to get hands on, or Paws On.


I have always loved animals, and have always been passionate about pets.  Having grown up with dogs as pets, and having both dogs and cats of my own, I know how important it is to have someone trustworthy to look after them.  So I decided to start my own business in the pet services sector, and here I am, ready and willing to walk your dog, or sit your cat!


As a pet owner, and having been a full time worker myself, I understand how difficult it can be to juggle work, family life and take care of animals within a hectic schedule. In Glasgow, for 6 months of the year, when you get home from work it will be getting dark, if not dark already, which is not the time when you want your dog to be getting his/her daily, and lengthy, exercise.


This is where I’d like to help you out. With Paws On doggy exercise services, your dog will get all the exercise and doggy socialisation he/she needs while you are at work. When you are at home, you and your family will be able to enjoy your pet, knowing that he/she is getting the exercise needed to be as fit and healthy as possible. And with Paws On home visits, you can be safe in the knowledge that your pet will be taken care of in your own home, to his/her own regime.

The Business

Paws On is a family-run, friendly and professional pet services business. Paws On is fully insured with Pet Business Insurance. All employees are police checked (through Disclosure Scotland) which can be provided upon request. All employees also have full and clean drivers licences, and all vehicles have been checked to ensure that they are safe for animal transportation.



Paws On is run by Lynn Stevenson, MSci (hons) MRes

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