Dog Walking

At Paws On, we understand that every pet has different exercise requirements, and that these can vary significantly between individual animals. We know that every pet is unique and special. In fact, every animal is exceptional.


Due to this, Paws On offer a number of dog walking and exercise options for you to choose from. We do several group walks every day, and also offer private walks for those who aren't able to walk in groups.


With every walk, Paws On will clean up your dogs paws before we return them to your home. If requested, we can also provide food and fresh water when we return your dog.


Group walks

Group walks last at least 1 hour, and allow dogs to interact and socialise with each other.


We will pick up your dog, and along with up to four others will go to one of our Paws On selected parks for an hour of fun and frolics. During the walk, your pet will get lots of attention and lots of exercise.


Private walks

Private walks are great for new puppies, elderly dogs or dogs who simply prefer to have their own space.


We'll come to your home, and take your dog out for an hours walk. Depending on the requirements of your pet, we will tailor the length and pace of the walk to the specific needs and ability of your pet to ensure they get a sufficient amount of exercise during each visit.


For more information please contact us.



At Paws On, we understand that you and your pet may have other requirements. Should your dog have any specific requirements, please get in touch and we will be happy to try to accommodate these.

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